1. My friends Jen and Matthew got married last month. They asked me to take photos. Following the ceremony, I convinced them to go for a stroll downtown for some posed and candid shots. Here are some of my favorites—including a few taken at the Duke of Duckworth pub.

    (I feel I should explain photo 5: At my suggestion, they sat where I usually watch Arsenal play, and are faking the all-too-real outrage typically seen in me on match days.)

  2. Sweet tooth: Little girl tucks into cupcake, shot at a wedding reception earlier this summer.

    She seems almost awed. Which I totally get. I too have known the great love of baked goods.

  3. Guest at wedding reception, shot earlier this summer.

    (Must. Not. Reference. The Matrix.)

  4. Kicking and screaming: Redheaded kid runs away from little girl blowing bubbles, shot at a wedding reception earlier this summer.

    My natural sense of ginger solidarity makes me want to calm him down a bit, even offer some sage advice, but hell: I’m pretty sure I was scared witless by girls even when I was a lot older than him.

  5. Wedding guest making eyes at the camera: shot in Paradise, Newfoundland.

    This is Sherri. We did stand-up together about three, three-and-a-half years ago. She was pretty funny. 

  6. My friends John and Katie got married last Friday. This is their son Jack, enjoying the post-ceremony festivities. Shot in Paradise, Newfoundland.

    This picture has not yet failed to elicit an “Awwww…"  and/or "Squeeeeeeeee!!!" from my female friends (and indeed, several of my male ones). Go ahead, try and resist this kid’s charms. 

  7. Bride enjoying some Ziggy Peelgoods fries, downtown St. John’s.