1. My father, dressed as Santa. I drove him around yesterday as he carried out his usual December 24 rounds, visiting the children of friends. This was taken at dusk in Bowring Park. where he handed out treats to strangers who approached him for pictures, handshakes and glad tidings.

    Merry Christmas to you all. 


  2. Drinks With the Fat Man: an almost-true chat with St. Nick

    (Note: I wrote this as a Christmas joke for some London colleagues back in 2005 or ‘06, and then forgot all about it. I recently stumbled upon it and have decided to let it once again see the light of day. It’s a bit UK-centric, and certainly dated at parts, but what the heck. Merry Christmas, folks.)


    Drinks With The Fat Man: 

    Seamus Heffernan interviews the ultimate seasonal worker

    In this exclusive, Santa Claus opens up about materialism, Rudolph, unionised elf labour, Mrs Claus, and, of course, fulfilling the dreams of millions of children every 24 December. 

    Contributing editor Seamus Heffernan caught up with Mr Kringle over pints recently at a north London watering hole.  The following is an edited transcript of their conversation.


    Seamus Heffernan: Well, first, thanks for agreeing to do this.  I mean, you must be pretty busy-

    Santa Claus: Yeah, no problem.  Were these the best seats we could get?

    Heffernan: Sorry, I didnt realise you would have a preference.  We can move over there.

    Claus:  Where?  There?  Next to the kitchen?  Too busy.

    Heffernan:  Well, the table there next to the jukebox is free.

    Claus: Yeah, great, so every half-drunk mouth-breather with a fistful of change and a hankering for some Buckcherry can bump into us?  No thanks.

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  3. GPOYW: Me, giving a talk on photography and explaining this photo I took of my father/Santa Claus last Christmas Eve.

  4. My father, doing the Kringle thing, Christmas Eve in Bowring Park.

  5. My father as Santa meets a well-wisher in Bowring Park, St. John’s.

    "God bless you, Santa," this gent said with all apparent sincerity. "You’re a good man."

    "Thank you," my father replied. "And don’t worry, you’ll get that truck you asked for."

  6. Rebecca’s nephew Logan, 3, with my father as Santa.

    Every Christmas Eve my father dresses up like this and it’s my job to drive him around to visit kids, relatives and other loved ones. Every Christmas Eve we still have a blast. He’s crazy, but it’s a good crazy, folks.

  7. Biker Santa is enjoying the hell out of that coffee, thanks for asking: Water Street, St. John’s.

  8. "Now dash away! Dash away! Dash away all!"

    Flying reindeer, Avalon Mall food court, St. John’s.

  9. Lady in Santa hat, downtown St. John’s.

  10. Unmasked: Dad takes a post-Santa drink. Christmas Eve 2010, St. John’s.