1. This past March, my friend Rhonda asked me to take some photos of her home as she was looking to rent it. I recently came across this shot as I was sorting through some old pictures.

  2. Guy trying (and sadly, failing) to make some bubbles, downtown St. John’s.

    That is summer hair.

  3. Local activists taking part in Sleep Out 120 back in April. Shot on Water Street, St. John’s.

    Sleep Out 120 is a five-day campaign during which participants like these commit to living down-and-out on the streets of St. John’s to raise awareness about shortages of youth housing and homelessness in Newfoundland and Labrador.

  4. Slow and steady: Construction worker, downtown St. John’s.

  5. Friend, fellow photog and former colleague Jacob White. Shot at my place, St. John’s.

  6. Amy, Jacob’s delightful (and gangster-ific) ladyfriend.

  7. Young girl hamming it up at a bash I recently attended, St. John’s.

  8. Lady enjoying a coffee. Shot through the glass of a downtown St. John’s Subway restaurant.

  9. Two members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, sporting their famous dress reds.

  10. Duke of Duckworth bartender, photographer and overall pleasant young lady Maria Furticheva, downtown St. John’s.

    You can see some of her stuff here. (She’s in Group 2.)