1. Children inspect recently-laid wreaths at the National War Memorial, downtown St. John’s. 

  2. Young man sporting poppy and Oscar the Grouch hoodie, downtown St. John’s.

    We chatted for a few moments. He asked if I was sure I wanted his picture, pointing to a recent black eye. I told him I didn’t care, which was not entirely true. It made me want the photo more. 

  3. Veterans, downtown St. John’s.

  4. Young lady, downtown St. John’s.

    This blog has demanded MORE HATS. Yes, please. Excellent. It’s all coming together now.

  5. Self-portrait in stride, downtown St. John’s.

  6. Young woman, St. John’s.

    More hats, please. We’re big fans here at Perfect Crime.

  7. Haylee: Tattooed postman on his route, downtown St. John’s.

  8. Lady leaving shop, downtown St. John’s.

    The colours here are just wild, I think. They really jump off the shot.

  9. Ladies dine at Bistro Sofia, downtown St. John’s.

  10. We would like to take the sights and bring silence in disguise.