1. A friend of mine spotted me shooting downtown, pulled over and flashed me a glimpse of her new tights.

  2. Hillary, getting the sunny day vintage dress very right, downtown St. John’s.

  3. Jillian, outside the Grapevine this past Friday.

    These big shades seem to be pretty popular right now. I think they work. (But I’m hardly an expert. All my sunglasses are given to me by a family member who works for a rental car agency. Along with CDs, they are the most left-behind items in returned vehicles.)

  4. Beth, again.

  5. Rosie the Rebel: Downtown St. John’s.

    I’ve been in a couple of times. Cute shop.

  6. Iron Man cufflinks, sent via email from my Uncle Al in London.  All he wrote in the message was “Very you.”