1. Dad and I went hunting again today. Here are some of the shots, some by Canon, some by iPhone. A few notes:

    1) Photo 2: Walking Cape Pond Road, Dad encountered an old school friend, John. They met at Holy Cross back in ‘54. (If you know my father this social synchronicity will come as absolutely no surprise.)

    2) Photo 3: This is Levi. He and his buddies were also out and about. Levi seemed surprised I was from Newfoundland when we spoke, but applauded me spending time with my father. (If you know Newfoundlanders, this social presumption will come as absolutely no surprise.)

    3) Photo 4: Pitcher plants. These carnivorous plants are the floral emblem of this province.

    4) Photo 6: Some ice on the road as we entered the brush. Man, it was cold this morning.

    5) Photo 9: Moose skull over cabin door. I know, right? Kind of overkill, boys. 

    6) No, we didn’t get anything. Again. Look, I’m still new at this, OK? So it’s possible I’m not the best scout to accompany my father on these adventures. But what the hell. It’s kinda fun.

  2. I went moose hunting with my father today. Here are some shots of our wanderings through Newfoundland’s Southern Shore. Some notes:

    1) No, we didn’t get anything. Thanks for asking.

    2) The first pic is a powerline slashing across the skyline as dawn breaks in Witless Bay. I mention this because I think this is the first ever landscape shot I've posted here. Look at me, expanding my range and all that artsy whatnot. 

    3) The last two pics: Dad is in mid conversation with our mutual friend, Fr. Pat Kennedy, at the esteemed padre’s place in Mobile after we called it a day. This is a rare moment where Pat lets someone else get a word in.

    4) We're off again to stride the barrens and marshes soon. Tally ho.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving. #family (Taken with Instagram)

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  4. Little girl at party. Shot at my sister’s place in St. John’s last week.

    She looks pretty unimpressed, bordering on the derisive. This is a look I get from women a lot. Good to see it’s not age specific.

  5. Family portrait, taken downtown St. John’s.

    Kid with mohawk? Kid with mohawk. Nice one, squire.

  6. GPOYW: Me, giving a talk on photography and explaining this photo I took of my father/Santa Claus last Christmas Eve.

  7. Old Christmas Day. Time to pack it all up again for another year—including this pretty sweet Batman decoration, guarding my tree since my sister gave it to me on the 25th.

  8. Dog and owner falling into step, St. John’s.

    The building in the background is the Railway Coastal Museum, which was formally one of Canadian National’s offices in town. My father worked there for years.

  9. My father, doing the Kringle thing, Christmas Eve in Bowring Park.

  10. My father as Santa meets a well-wisher in Bowring Park, St. John’s.

    "God bless you, Santa," this gent said with all apparent sincerity. "You’re a good man."

    "Thank you," my father replied. "And don’t worry, you’ll get that truck you asked for."