1. From The Southern Gazette:

    Because Christmas Eve was still a part of Advent, and that observance was almost as sober as Lent, Dr. Hiscock indicated most traditional Christians would never consider taking a nip before Christmas Day prior to World War Two, which was even then perhaps a little early.

    Tibb’s Eve became a lighthearted means to extend the season - an idea Dr. Hiscock recognized is not unlike when workers in the 19th century would lengthen their weekends by taking ‘St. Monday’ off from work.

    Back row: My friends Aaron, John, Jamie. Front: Zach and yours truly. Tibb’s Eve 2011 (December 23), my place, St. John’s. Only a few polite nips were taken this evening. God rest ye merry, my gentlemen. (Photo by Becks.)

  2. Ship with Christmas lights, St. John’s harbour.

  3. Salvation Army horn player, downtown St. John’s. A leftover from the Christmas Parade a few weeks back.

  4. Biker Santa is enjoying the hell out of that coffee, thanks for asking: Water Street, St. John’s.

  5. "Now dash away! Dash away! Dash away all!"

    Flying reindeer, Avalon Mall food court, St. John’s.

  6. Lady in Santa hat, downtown St. John’s.

  7. "Christmas is coming": Young lady, downtown St. John’s.

  8. Window shopping, downtown St. John’s.

  9. The bells were ringing out: Lady on Water Street jingle and jangles for the Christmas raffle, St. John’s.

  10. Minnie Mouse approaches me at the annual St. John’s Christmas Parade.