1. I was writing for St. John’s arts-culture paper The Overcast right up until my recent move to British Columbia. As part of the gig I was also tasked with getting headshots of the folks I wrote about.

    This one was my favorite: Jose Rivera, director of the Refugee and Immigrant Advisory Council (RIAC). Photo taken outside his office on Water Street, St. John’s, June 2014.  Original article here.


  2. This is local artist Christina Hamlyn. She’s been commissioned by the city to do some work on our otherwise ho-hum traffic light boxes. She did the “Starry Night” inspired Signal Hill work near the Village Mall and is currently at work on this majestic (and very purple) caribou at the corner of Lemarchant and Harvey Road.

    She also hates having to wear a city-mandated safety vest while working outside, but she is willing to suffer for her art. You can check out some of her other work here.

  3. Dad and I went hunting again today. Here are some of the shots, some by Canon, some by iPhone. A few notes:

    1) Photo 2: Walking Cape Pond Road, Dad encountered an old school friend, John. They met at Holy Cross back in ‘54. (If you know my father this social synchronicity will come as absolutely no surprise.)

    2) Photo 3: This is Levi. He and his buddies were also out and about. Levi seemed surprised I was from Newfoundland when we spoke, but applauded me spending time with my father. (If you know Newfoundlanders, this social presumption will come as absolutely no surprise.)

    3) Photo 4: Pitcher plants. These carnivorous plants are the floral emblem of this province.

    4) Photo 6: Some ice on the road as we entered the brush. Man, it was cold this morning.

    5) Photo 9: Moose skull over cabin door. I know, right? Kind of overkill, boys. 

    6) No, we didn’t get anything. Again. Look, I’m still new at this, OK? So it’s possible I’m not the best scout to accompany my father on these adventures. But what the hell. It’s kinda fun.

  4. Some Girls Wander, October 2013. Shot in Outer Cove, Newfoundland.

    I did family photos for some friends a couple of weeks back. I took their daughters out into the woods behind their house to get this pic. It has a vaguely menacing, Brothers Grimm vibe I quite like.

  5. My friends Jen and Matthew got married last month. They asked me to take photos. Following the ceremony, I convinced them to go for a stroll downtown for some posed and candid shots. Here are some of my favorites—including a few taken at the Duke of Duckworth pub.

    (I feel I should explain photo 5: At my suggestion, they sat where I usually watch Arsenal play, and are faking the all-too-real outrage typically seen in me on match days.)

  6. This past March, my friend Rhonda asked me to take some photos of her home as she was looking to rent it. I recently came across this shot as I was sorting through some old pictures.

  7. I went moose hunting with my father today. Here are some shots of our wanderings through Newfoundland’s Southern Shore. Some notes:

    1) No, we didn’t get anything. Thanks for asking.

    2) The first pic is a powerline slashing across the skyline as dawn breaks in Witless Bay. I mention this because I think this is the first ever landscape shot I've posted here. Look at me, expanding my range and all that artsy whatnot. 

    3) The last two pics: Dad is in mid conversation with our mutual friend, Fr. Pat Kennedy, at the esteemed padre’s place in Mobile after we called it a day. This is a rare moment where Pat lets someone else get a word in.

    4) We're off again to stride the barrens and marshes soon. Tally ho.

  8. I’ve been asked recently about what, if anything, I’ve been photographing lately. Now, as the new work has picked up some momentum, it seems as good a time as any to talk about it.

    After some negotiations, I have been given permission by the Presentation Sisters in St. John’s to have access to their convent and spend time with some of the women who live there. So far, portraits and interviews have been carried out with nine of them, and there are a few more to come. The Sisters of Mercy are also now considering participating.

    The goal is to hold an exhibition of the photographs sometime next year, with the portraits accompanied by excerpts of the interviews, so as to share with the viewer these stories of faith, work, love and devotion. Needless to say, I have been routinely impressed and humbled by their experiences. I hope you will be, too.

    I’m not a particularly religious person. The inspiration for all this came a few years back, when I was out shooting and ended up near St. Patrick’s convent in St. John’s. I knocked on the door, introduced myself and asked if I could come in and take some pics. Needless to say, I was politely (and bemusedly) denied. But the idea stuck around.

    This sample photo from these sessions is presented completely unedited. The subject sister, captured in a moment of quiet reflection, is 102 years old and has been a nun for 66 years. It was shot at 35mm, f2.8, 1/160 second, ISO 400, no flash.

    I hope you enjoy it. Updates to come.

  9. Canadian national soccer team players Christine Sinclair and Karina LeBlanc arrive at St. John’s International Airport and are surprised to be greeted—and hugged—by some young fans.

    I chatted briefly with Sinclair in line at Customs. I mentioned I coached soccer and that she and her teammates were a great inspiration for the young ladies I work with. Imagine my surprise when I walked out just ahead of her to see so many of my former players waiting in eager anticipation for their hero.

  10. My friend Lauren, coffee shop in St. John’s.