1. A girl and her dog, downtown Vancouver.

  2. This is Meghan, who was kind enough to stop for a photo and a chat about her remarkable tattoos on a recent sunny Saturday in downtown Vancouver. She’s used to the attention, telling me people Instragram her from the knees down all the time. She was, I think, almost surprised when I asked to take a street portrait as well.

    You want to get some hard looks on a busy street? Get down on your hands and knees to photograph someone.

  3. Bubblemaker works his magic in the bright autumn sun, downtown Vancouver.

  4. I was writing for St. John’s arts-culture paper The Overcast right up until my recent move to British Columbia. As part of the gig I was also tasked with getting headshots of the folks I wrote about.

    This one was my favorite: Jose Rivera, director of the Refugee and Immigrant Advisory Council (RIAC). Photo taken outside his office on Water Street, St. John’s, June 2014. ¬†Original article here.


  5. This is Victoria Forsey, a singer and performer who has asked me a couple of times to shoot pics for her promotional materials. Here are some of my recent favorites. She’s also one of my oldest friends and my surrogate sister.

    These were shot between December 2013 to July 2014 in Fort Amherst, Quidi Vidi and downtown St. John’s.

    Tagged #portraits #NL
  6. This is local artist Christina Hamlyn. She’s been commissioned by the city to do some work on our otherwise ho-hum traffic light boxes. She did the “Starry Night” inspired Signal Hill work near the Village Mall and is currently at work on this majestic (and very purple) caribou at the corner of Lemarchant and Harvey Road.

    She also hates having to wear a city-mandated safety vest while working outside, but she is willing to suffer for her art. You can check out some of her other work here.

  7. Happy lady, downtown Vancouver.

    When she posed for this shot, she first hugging a passed stranger, saying “Come on! Get in the picture with me!” The stranger just ignored her, which seemed borderline rude, frankly. At least say ‘no thanks.’

    (But perhaps I’m naturally siding with this woman since I was trying to take her picture. I have no idea how I would react if a stranger hugged me. I have a hard enough time with people I know wrapping their arms around me. I wasn’t raised in a huggy household, I guess.)

    At any rate, our subject here was unfazed and struck several poses, this being my favorite.

  8. Smooth looking gent, San Francisco.

    Not quite a zoot suit, but that is some serious panache all the same. He specifically requested those two-tone shoes be in the shot. And how can you say no to that? 

  9. Kid goofing around, San Francisco.

  10. Sharp looking gent, San Francisco.